Kristen Mason

Owner, Esthetician, Hair Stylist, Massage Therapist

Kristen Mason is the owner of The Balance and Beauty Collective, and has been a part of the salon and spa industry since 2002. She has a strong reputation with industry professionals and the public alike. She has a passion for education, whether it’s self education, educating budding professionals in the instructor position she has been in at Mott Community College since 2006, or educating clients and the general public about proper care of the body and its health and appearance. She has a passion for making people feel and look great, and teaching them how to maintain results at home. She is also driven to work with other professionals and see them become the best they can be.

Kristen offers services in hair coloring and styling, esthetics (including skin care, waxing and makeup), and massage therapy. She is proud of her education stemming from Transitions School of Cosmetology at Mott Community College where she also is an instructor, as well as Irene’s Myomassology Institute in Southfield where she also works as an assistant instructor. She is continuing her education into the world of naturopathy, and brings much of her holistic knowledge into the realm of beauty, believing strongly that everything in the body is connected. In other words, the skin/hair/nails reflect what is going on inside the body and mind. She also believes in questioning everything, from marketing hype to bunk natural claims, and learning how things work, from product chemistry to skin physiology, so she loves an educated client or a client with questions who wants to be educated.

Kristen is always looking to expand her knowledge and experience base, and pursues continuing education on a regular basis.

She specializes in the following areas (and more, just ask!):

Skin care (bring her your problem skin and she will work with you to find a solution.)

Hair coloring and styling (She is a master colorist and will teach you how to maintain your look at home.)

Massage therapy (many added modalities in addition to the traditional, including aromatherapy, Thai massage, energy work, and more.)

Waxing (from head to toe. And yes, that means everything! She was one of the first in Genesee county to offer Brazilian waxing.)

Please give Kristen a call or email with any questions you may have in regards to her services, or any questions about The Balance and Beauty Collective, her pride and joy. She will return your message as soon as she is able to! (Just be patient, she may be taking care of a client, a classroom of students, or her children, but know that you are important and will receive a reply within 24 hours.)

To book your appointment with Kristen Mason:
(810) 412-8308

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